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Agri-Bay Roasting Coffee
1 lb - $9.75 | 5 lbs - $47.50

The coffee you love to drink at Diamond Jim's, now coming straight from the cofee maker on your counter


Black Market Hot Sauces--$4.99ea.

It has been said that Black Market Hot Sauce Company produces one of the more flavorful hot sauces on the market today. You can tell that Black Market Hot Sauce strive sfor total excellency in each bottle of their fantastic sauce. Their focus is on the flavor of the sauce. Using the freshest ingredients, they work to provide the perfect sauce for your taste buds. They don’t use flashy, in-your-face colors, or aim to be the hottest sauce on the planet, for Black Market Hot Sauce, it’s all about the flavor and superior quality of the sauce.

Diamond Jim's Logo Mugs - $5

djmugShow everyone that you know the hottest spot in Bellingham. Can you think of a cooler way to carry a hot drink?


tastesofseattleSignature Tastes of Bellingham Cookbook by Steven W. Siler-- $22.00

From the hidden treasures tucked away in Belltown to sweeping panoramic views overlooking the Puget Sound, these are sights, tastes and stories of our favorite places. This is a collection of over 140 restaurant recipes that define the city,  from Tom Douglas's Serious Pie to Local 360's famous fried chicken. An homage in words and pictures, Signature Tastes of Seattle captures the culinary essence of the Emerald City.


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Phone: (360) 734-8687


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